new york smoke and fire restoration

When your property suffers from a fire, the damage can be extensive. Smoke and soot can also reach every corner of your home or business, causing a variety of problems. Not only does the damage need to be repaired, but the smell of smoke must be eliminated as well.

Our team has over 20 years of experience restoring homes and businesses in New York and surrounding from fire and smoke damage.

fire damage

the steps we take to restore fire damage

The process of restoring a property that has been damaged by fire is a long and detailed one. It can take many weeks or even months to complete depending on the extent of the damage. The restoration process will also vary depending on the type of fire that occurred. A small kitchen fire may only require a few hours of work, while a large warehouse fire could take weeks or even months. 

The first step in the restoration process is assessing the damage and creating a plan of action. This plan will include the steps that need to be taken to make the property safe and habitable again. The plan also includes inspecting the property’s structure and contents to determine what needs to be restored and how costly the restoration efforts will be. Once this assessment is complete, a plan can be put into place to repair any damage done.

The next step in this process is to clean up fire debris and any hazardous materials, including furniture, paints, solvents, or other combustible objects. The proper disposal of these items ensures your health and safety by avoiding inhalation or ingestion of toxins or chemicals.

Drying is the process of restoring the water damage to its pre-loss condition. Drying focuses on restoring items that were not affected directly by the fire itself but by water and other chemicals used during extinguishing efforts. We use pumps and vacuum systems in this effort.

Once all of the water has been removed, the next step is drying out the property. This can be done with fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters. The property must be completely dry before any repairs can be done.

Smoke restoration is the removal of soot and smoke from premises affected by fire or smoke damage. It encompasses both cleaning and repairs, as soot and smoke can cause extensive damage if left untreated. Smoke can also permeate through walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture, causing a lingering, stale odor that’s hard to get rid of. 

Smoke damage restoration often involves complicated procedures that may include removing and replacing materials such as drywall and insulation. A professional cleaning team will work to remove all traces of smoke from your home or business, leaving behind a fresh scent.

Smoke damage also involves removing layers of grime due to the smoke and fire. This grime cannot be cleaned using traditional cleaning products and will require a strong detergent or chemical cleaner to loosen its grip on the surface beneath.

Structural restoration is the process of restoring a building or structure to its pre-loss condition. It includes structural stabilization, fireproofing if necessary, roof tarping, replacement of damaged structural members where possible, mold remediation if needed, rebuilding finishes that require it to comply with local codes and standards, and repairs to heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems as required for building occupancy. 

Fire damage, no matter how big or small, can have devastating effects on any home or business. Let us help relieve some of the stress from a very stressful situation. We have over 20 years of experience restoring homes and businesses from smoke and fire damage in New York. 

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